Ethen "myst33ry" T is an Orlando-based artist specializing in mosaics created using LEGO® bricks as his medium, and macro toy photography of various different action figures and LEGO® characters.
Like many others, LEGO® was Ethen's favorite toy throughout his childhood, and his interest in the building toy stuck with him into his teenage years. At 13 years old, he borrowed his sister's camera to photograph minifigures after becoming inspired by many toy photographers online. Through self-taught trial and error, he developed an appreciation for photography on a tiny, blocky scale.

At 14 years old, Ethen displayed for the first time in BrickUniverse, a traveling fan convention, with a modest display including his first and only mosaic at the time. After meeting some talented and experienced LEGO® artists, he sought to advance his small hobby into artistic pursuits. Since then, year after year, he has deepened his techniques and his passion.

Mosaics created by Ethen are usually marked by 'greebles' - detailing through various sizes of bricks added to break up the surface of an object, and to add visual interest. Subjects range from pop culture icons, logos, and portraits, abstract skull art, or just whatever he is currently influenced by.

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